Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Friday, April 4, 2014

Bananastrings keeping the momentum going

Well as the kickstarter campaign come to an end it doesn't look as though I will make the goal.

As the campaign comes to an end I come away with a lot of knowledge learned and here are few points.

The product I created was recognized by my peers as an exceptional product with several articles and a radio spot created.

The exposure and chatter created by advertising and social media was an incredible experience. over the last 45 days I was exposed and created a Facebook page for myself and the company, a twitter account, a kickstarter campaign, created this website with the help of my friend Tim, hired a PR company, created and maintain this blog and got a front row seat to see how all these venue can create a winning environment for any entrepreneur with a driving spirit.

There is no doubt this is not for the faint of heart, a first attempt on a crowd-funding platform and not attaining the end goal is a little hard to swallow, especially after all the positive feedback and inquiring emails from people wanting to obtain the product. And yes I did get some not so positive messages and down right negative comments.

This is what drives us, we dream, we create, we believe and we realize our visions.

To all that have viewed this blog and my site thank you.


As I always do I will strive to succeed in the face of adversity, I will have a new campaign, this time on Indigogo within the next couple of weeks, I will keep you posted.

This website will be going over big changes also adding a storefront is only the beginning.

Check back frequently.