Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Thank you

Well the relaunch went well and I would like to thank everyone that visited the site last week especially our new customers, thank you for your patronage and for supporting my dream.

I hope you find the Hook & Leader Holder as useful as designed to keep your terminal tackle, in-line and tangle free.

Please send us pictures and comment for reposting as the summer progresses we would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

No Water

The wife and I had reserved a boat for Memorial Day for her to tan and me to catch some flounder on opening day weekend. As I approached the marina office from the parking lot the young attendant approached me and says" i don't think we can let you go out, theres no water" thinking it was a joke line I continue past him to the office as I turn the corner this is what I see.

As the kid said "No Water" I could not believe how low the tide was, this is a salt water marina in the south bay in New Jersey.
As the marina owner stated to me "in his 13 years he has Never seen the water this low".

Well maybe next weekend.

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Thank You,